OMG im getting so excited, and time after time i kept myself from getting my hopes up… Our med will arrive monday… DH is already thinking about baby names, and i have slipped and bought a few onsies myself

The other day, we found a baby hat, a little blue hat, on our patio. We asked the neighbors and no one has yet claimed it… Wierd sigh huh? I also got some diapee coupons in the mail yesterday… with my name one them… they dont expire till well into 2008…

I dunno if those are ‘signs’, but plenty of things are leading to me to believe this may actually work. First off the ins coverage has been a blessing, and it just keeps getting better… Im shocked at how little we are paying!!

We’ve decided to not freeze the eggs. If it doesnt work, its just not our time. We’re also saving for a house, car ect… Its wierd, all of a sudden, everything is falling into place. Its almost like a dream. I just hope i dont wake up!