Good Morning; I think!

Each morning becomes harder and harder to wake up! I dont understand the science of pregnancy hormones, but no matter how much i slumber, im still waking groggy each morning. Each day becomes more and more exhausting.

The traditional “morning sickness” has envaded me too. Each morning, i curl up in a ball in my chair, praying it subsides before i must get ready for work. Usually it doesnt pass until well into my work day.

My abdomen has already started to swell… Im not sure why since i should only be 6 weeks into this pregnancy. My pants are crushing my guts already, making it annoying to wear them. I suppose its time to go clothes shopping already. I guess the fourth pregnancy makes you plump up much faster?

On a different note; we had a horrid storm last night, with threats of tornadoes and such. Our power was out for approx. 6 hours. It did blink on and off throughout the evening, almost making me piss my pants each time it came on. It was a frustrating night for us here, but im sure it was more frustrating for the poor fellows trying to fix it in the sweltering downpour! It finally came on, and stayed on around 11 pm…God bless those hard working guys out there!!

Its that time again, i must muster up the energy to get myself dressed and ready for work. Yay. Another boring day at the office to come. Another day to deal with George’s constant shadowing and pessimism. Go me!