Getting Fat Already?

Not sure why, but my belly is already poking outwards!! I didnt have the lovely flat stomach before i began this all, but now i definitly have that bubble! I should only be 6-7 max, calculating from when they put my boogers in… I sure as hell dont remember showing this early with any other pregnancy! Even my bigger undies (dunno why i even had em, mom got em long ago for me) are squishing my belly!! I have few pairs of pants that i can actually zip up, and even those arent comfy.

I know i was bloated as hell during the whole ivf process, from “shooting up” in the belly daily, but that went away as soon as i stopped the shots… Now its just pure discomfort with every peice of clothing i own, topped with morning sickness. Must go clothes shopping soon. Must find more time to work to make money to buy them. lol.

Think imma end my rambling now and finish getting ready for work!