Well, of course, boredom leads me to alot of wierd things, lol! Ive decided to cloth diaper yet again, and found some new things out there. It driving me batty not being able to buy stuff, but hopefully soon ill be off bedrest and can start buying baby stuff =)

Found FuzziBunz they seem neat-o, and Kissaluvs (werent around for my others i dont think), and gDiapers… I think imma like the gdiapers and fuzzibunz most, and should be easy for my hubby. Except screw the flushable part, imma put a prefold in there =D Just wish they were around for my others, woulda made life so simple!!

Please please please no disposables if your thinking of gifts for the lil un =D Im also looking around for anyone who can knit wool soakers. Seems to be a new trend in cloth diapering for covers. Ive seen some REALLy cute ones made into skirt/diapercovers and pants. Absolutely adorable. If anyone is Knit trendy, let me know and ill find some wool yard for ya!!

Back to bedrest boredom here!!