More Interesting Confessions by a lil un…

Didnt have time to blog yesterday, since Auston and i were having such fun!!

After work, we headed to the grocery store, to buy dinner and afternoon snacks. He picked out several things, all of which i bought him, except one. He grabbed his lunchable, pudding and a small 6 pack of 7-up (the tiny ones). And i figured that was enough for the afternoon, and told him no to the fruit snacks. I didnt have a problem getting them, but it was the principal of the matter – You cant have everything you want. Well, he threw a tantrum all the way out the door. As we are standing in line, checking out, he continues screaming. And granted this is NOT normal behavior for him.

I turned around and asked him, if your dad was here, what would he do about your screaming? He bluntly (and loudly) said “He’d kick my ass”. Of course everyone else around laughed, while i stood there dumbfounded, embarassed, and apauled. Not everyone knows dad and i dont live together. I was completely and utterly shocked!

Well, the afternoon went on, we played in the bathtub since the pool was closed… And he started chattering about how hes a bad boy at his dads… And i asked him why…

He says: Because dad said if im a bad boy, he will make me go live with you instead of him.

Hmmph… Being bad means you come here… And he understands the concept enough to continue doing it at his dad’s, understanding that he would be here. Smart little kid. Sad that his dad actually told him that, and more sad that he will do it to be here.

Beyond that, we cuddled the evening away, eating and playing. He talked about how excited he is to help feed and care for his new sister on the way.