Auston’s therapist

Good news today, the center i went to last week to get Auston into therapy finally accepted him into their program today. I went in and spoke to the lady, whom was VERY nice. I told her everything Auston told me, and she says he qualifies… Also, she is obligated by law to call CPS, because of the potential violence and Auston threatenening suicide over the weekend. (dunno if i shared that part already or not). Anywho, we’re on the road to recovery, and im thrilled someone sat and listened to me!

Over the weekend, Auston and i spent some special time shopping, and went to chuck e cheese! He had a blast! He needed some special time all of his own, and i think it made him feel great! Ive got one pic, that i need to scan, that he resisted because he wanted to play games lol! So he isnt very happy in it =( Maybe we’ll go back this week for Happy Pics! =D

Thanks for all the prayers, it really helped!