We’re on the way!!

Well, after a long BORING day of work, i ran out grabbed auston, went to our wic appointment, then stopped into the counciling center down the road. I had never been there before, so i talked briefly to the lady about what’s going on, and what they could potentially help with. She was eager to see us, and urged me to call their intake office ASAP. She was hoping they could get us in tomorrow. So i called, got it all set up for Monday, which was their soonest. It was nice to have someone simply listen to me and my frustrations about the situation! I know how our local CPS responds to mothers calling in, so i figure if it IS neccessarry, and if she hears it from him, that maybe something will be done that i didnt do myself. That and my precious boy will finally be getting the help he needs!

She said the things his dad is saying and doing to him is pretty darned abusive… I see no physical abuse.. yet. But she said the mental abuse is something that needs to be put into control now. Hopefully this will help him through his anger issues about the custody case. And maybe, if what im feeling is true, his father’s abusive behavior will put my son back in my arms, instead of his…