Random thoughts

Ok, im officially bored. I tried napping 3 times, but everytime, someone comes romping up and down the stairs, or screaming drunk through the corridor next to our apt… So i finally gave that up!
I started the elastic casing for more prefitteds, but dont feel like running the elastic through them, lol. I had to make some emergency breastpads this morning =( I woke up this morning, with the bed completely saturated with breastmilk!! I was like WTH, i never had this problem before the baby was born!! Not two hours later, it happened again, all over my shirt… Ugh! So i ran to the washcloths, cut and pin them up, serged em and stuck em in my shirt. Bleh, cant believe im dealing with leakage already… Oh well, guess i wont have supply issues!

Well, anywho, im hoping everyone is enjoying their labor day weekend. At first i was thrilled i had monday off… Then Chad’s boss got fired, and he’s having to work his ass off, including tomorrow. So im stuck here alone. Yay. No kids, no family, no friends. Gay. Was planning on having some nice quiet time with Chad, guess not! Parents are divorcing, so no good-ol-barbecue.On top of that, Chad is working hours he normally doesnt, so i dont know what im going to do with my son… I cant throw him in daycare (cant afford it), and if i miss work, ill get so screwed and loose my job. Wow, now that i sound like a complete whiney bitch, im gonna shut up now, lol!