Long week…

Well, its been a long week, as usual. Just finished up the last bit of run-around before i go back to work tomorrow.

Weds, Auston started counciling, which he seemed to enjoy. So i thought we were getting a good start this week… Then, to my surprize, i got a call thursday afternoon from chad, telling me that CPS were at my house! Of course i freaked and ran home. Only to find they had already left So i tracked them down to their office, and met with them. It was the councellor’s report, which i had suspected, abdout his dad’s abuse. I finally get home in enough time to change my shoes before the kids come home.

Friday, i had a mild panic attack, knowing sis and mom were moving. Got stressed out, bleh.

Saturday, we got up early, Auston went to his dad’s, and Chase, Summer and I went out for a special breakfast, then to my mom’s new apartment to check out her place. The kids had a blast peeking into every corner of the new place. They reminded me of cut lil puppy dogs!

Today, steve was late picking them up… again! Only by half an hour, but at least it wasnt his mom showing up unexpectedly like last week. But now, finally time to relax =) I got the last few of my prefitteds in today (or yesterday rather, since i was too lazy to check the mail). So now Melody’s diaper stash is complete. Time to take pics again, lol! Ordered the car seat earlier this week, so just gotta put that crib together!