27weeks 3 days

We’ve found that our lil girl reacts to daddy’s voice!! Its so darned cute! He will rub my belly, or put his hand there, and talk to her close to my belly. She kicks and squirms as if she knows who he is, all excited! He gives her the loving voice, and she squirms like crazy! Im loving it! And ive caught him doing it when im alseep!! She also does this when youngest DS comes to give her kisses. He rubs his nose in my belly and tells her he loves her, and she goes nuts! She dont do this for me or DD though. :confused:
The cramps are still there, but DR doesnt seem concerned… I had contractions like crazy, and they are like, go to bed. Hmmph. They are still here on and off. I had some spotting yesterday so im kinda getting scared here. Praying she stays in!!