Another test. Yay.

Glucose test today, fun!!! Wont get results for a few days though. Im dialated to a 1… ugh. And they are searching for a reason for the spotting/cramping. Should HOPEFULLY find out soon. I also lost 1lb, bringing me to a whopping 7lbs weight gain for the entire pregnancy. So now ive been threatened with hopsital stays if i dont gain in the next two weeks Baby measured 1 week behind with tummy measurements, but as she is normally lively, she kicked the nurse and dr repeatedly.

So….More bedrest, and ORDERED to eat constantly. As it is i almost vomit everytime i eat, but she gave me meds for that. For now, its simply eat and rest until we both get better! Never in my life have i been told to be a bum, but its the offical order for now. Its kinda wierd!

Anywho, keep us in your prayers, so lil melody can grow strong and healthy for us!