It was wierd this time, i could actually feel the moment in time that my heart went wacko. It was almost like an electrical surge. Laying around at 6:30, watching tv, boom. There i was. My first SVT attack since ive gotten pregnant. I tried all the at-home remedies my cardiologist perviously suggested, nothing worked. So, after contacting the OB to let them know, we made a run to the ER to get things under control. Mostly because at this point, the baby had stopped moving all together, and was starting to contract.

We get there at 9:30, and thank god no one else was in the waiting room, so after about 2 mins of questioning in the triage, i was in my room being hooked up to monitors and such. The normal observation procedure for heart patients. My heart rate was bouncing from 182 to 195. No wonder i was sweating! By 9:45 i was medicated, and back down to a normal level (98, which is normal for me). We were there for another 2 hours, while they checked me and the baby periodically to make sure we were ok. We got home at about 12:45, and my kids (who were troopers throughout the process) were passed out in the back seat. Poor babies.

They were so cute while we were there. As soon as Chad and them were allowed in, they came in with endless curiosity. I guess theyve never really been there while i was in the hospital. Chase peeked through all the equipment i was hooked up to, and had so many questions about the number on the screen. Then he began inspecting me! The IV, the “stickers” all over me, ect. It was really cute to see his reaction. He asked me how i felt, i told him i was better, then he was satisfied. He climbed up on my mini-bed, and cuddled me around the wires =)

Here we spend a lifetime worrying about our babies, and forget, that when we are sick, they always return the sort of compassion that is given to them when they are ill. He is a true sweetheart!

So, now im back on my heart meds, and along with seeing the OB and diabetic specialist, its time to go back to the cardiologist as well. I look back on it all, and thank god i have such good children. Never once did they misbehave. Just loved and questioned.