As im trying to keep this baby inside, and keep stress to a minimum, my family continues to throw me in the middle of their divorce. Hell, i might as well deliver now since they dont care enough to leave me out of it!
Dad calls 3 times in 2 hours looking for mom. I call her, tell her to call him, and pray ill be left out of the rest. Hell no. No such chance. Dad shows up at MY DOOR asking to use one of our phones so she will answer… hubby lets him, he leaves unsatisfied because she didnt answer. Something about the elec bill, i honestly dont care right now. As every muscle twinge scares me at this point, im worrried ill go into labor.
They are making me very mad. I went through a divorce myself, i dont want to be caught in the middle of theirs. GOOD GOD, just leave me alone!