My birthday

Yep. Im officially 1 year older. Yay! For some odd reason, my mom kept carrying on (over the last few weeks) how she thought it would be “cool” if i had Melody on my birthday. All i can think is, why the hell would having my child on my birthday, and seeing her through the windows of an NICU unit be cool? -shrug- Granted i think her comments made me unconciously conract last night for 4 solid hours before finally falling alseep. Thank god none of that today though. Just kicks so intense i just want to cry…

My day has been nice and relaxing though. An exceptional birthday i suppose. I started off with picking up Auston, and we did puzzles together. Then Chase and Summer came home, and we really just kinda chilled out today. Poor DH had to pull an all-day shift, but i will see him soon =) And Melody is still inside my belly, so all is well! Numerous calls wishing me happy birthday, but honestly, the solitude with my children was nice for once! I did have to call my mother and ask her not to come, just wasnt in the mood.

Its been a good day =)