How she’s doing…

She still has the respitory infection, much trouble breathing and lots of boogers. Yucky! Now she has developed a really bad bum rash. Its blistered, and looks like its to the point of bleeding. We see the dr Thursday for her second rsv shot, in the meantime, im trying every ointment on the market! I hope it goes away soon, she screams in pain for every diaper change.

She has gotten really well about holding her head up, and pulling herself across the floor when shes mad (strong, persistant little one!). She gets frustrated that she cannot control her arms though. Shes very very wiggly! hehe!

She has also started opening her eyes for abour 30-45 minutes at a time, and going crosseyed stairing at things. She now responds to noises, looking in the direction in came from. I have gotten a few smiles, but it doesnt happen daily yet.

We are still nursing very well. no more formula at all. I still pump during the day so she can have her night time daddy bottle. She loves her daddy time! Working on uploading new pics to photobucket, i have a great pic of a half smile from her!!