A new day, a new week

As always, it has been crazy. Auston’s schedule changed the first week of this month. I wont go into the details of that, but it has thrown the entire family for a loop. Its very depressing at the least.

Melody doesnt seem to be doing much better at all. Which is disapointing. She still is weezing, sneezing, and her eye boogers came back full force, so im guessing the eye infection has reappeared =( She has been very crabby the last few days. So i spend the entire time chad is at work with her in my arms, on my lap, or in bed with her, trying to console her. Its very rough with other children in the house. Summer usually runs covering her ears (after singing to her, and figuring out it wont work), Chase doesnt seem to be bothered often at all. He usually looks at her with endless curiosity. I think hes trying to differentiate her cries. Its cute. Auston, well hes always in her face trying to make her smile, smothering her in kisses and loving on her when she wails! Precious babes they are!

Semi- off topic: Chase asked me today why Chad worked so much. And my simple response was, because mommy isnt working right now… He pondered on that thought a bit, then asked me why i didnt work. I explained to him that melody is very sick and very susecptable to getting sick, so mommy needs to stay at home so she doesnt get her sick, and mommy needs to be here to care for her, and feed her. He sat back thinking, then said, “You’re a great mom!”. I was in shock! He continued “You love her so much to give up your job, and we still get to see you everyday after school! I love you mommy, you’re the best.”

And my heart swelled with his love. It was precious!!

Melody sees the dr tomorrow for another RSV shot. Shes a little over 8 weeks old now! She also has a bum rash that has gotten blistery, so i will update as soon as we know something!

Much love to all!