Shes still growing!!

Yesterday, we went in to the dr for another weight check. Mel is at 10lbs 5 ounces! YAY! Its funny how you get a thrill out of every ounce when they come out so tiny to begin with! But we’ve FINALLY doubled her birth weight!

I taught myself to crochet last week! Yippe! Im going to crochet her a yummy, fuzzy purple blanket out of some very yummy yarn i got from michaels a few weeks ago. I wasnt sure if i was going to knit or crochet it. Crochet is so much faster, and shes nearly outgrown her blankets. So i will start on that soon! Ive got to finish her pants first, and a pair of shorties for a friend. She sent some super yummy yarn! I need to get pics of it before i knit it up. Its so pretty!! Ive also found some other yarn i want to buy, called posion. my hubby loves it too =)