Small Vent

Ok, im sincerely starting to think we need a new dr for mel. She goes NUTS if she doesnt gain a TON of weight every visit. Which frustrates me to no end! The more fomula i give her, the less milk I MAKE. So it ends up being a vicous cycle. I pump every single night at 11pm, and up until this week, i was pumping 6 ounces!! Which is GREAT!!! Not only feeding my child, but saving some for later. The we take her to the dr yesterday, and her 1.2 pound is just not enough!!! My gosh shes almost 4 months, i would expect her to slow down by now. So i leave the office with several cans of preemie formula… If she were STARVING, id be ok with that. But shes not!!

I made on heck of a hurdle 2 weeks ago, being able to feed her on demand without formula. She was happy, smiling, peeing and pooping. What else can you ask for? A happy, healthy content baby! And i love it. I have no desire to quit nursing since i have worked SO hard. My supply dropped again yesterday when i gave her formula. (AND that stuff stinks worse than anything else in the world!!) So i went back to bf’ing, giving her a bottle after if she wasnt done, and pumping while feeding a bottle. Luckily, my supply bounced right back up!.

My question is, since WHEN is formula better? My preemie needs all the vitamins and immunites she can get!! So now im determined to find a more breastfeeding friendly ped for my precious little melody. There has to be a way to do it without this artificial crap! Please tell me im not alone!!

On another topic,I’ve now ive sold most of her tiny stash. And welcoming some new velour dipes soon! Silly excitement, but whatever! And a ton of ladies were asking me to make them prefitteds, which is easy peasy in my book. So tomorrow i dig out my licensing, and get to work! I never really thought i could do it! But sounds like i have more than one opportunity to do so!

Enough of my babble. Wish me sleep vibes. Im so awake, and cant even fathom sleep right now. hehehe!