4 month check up!

Lil Angel is now at 11lbs! 23 inches long!! Yay, grow mel grow!
She should be rolling over by now, but considering shes a preemie, its all ok! I am going to be moving all her pics from photobucket to flickr soon. Ill send links once its all moved!

She has recently discovered her hands. She stares at them now for a good while. And we got a few chuckles today out of her when Summer was being silly! Its so wonderful to see her learn and grow!

Im also slowly trading her small diapers for mediums. Selling off the old, bringing in the new =) Her small fuzzibunz will fit her for a long time though, i think they run big!! Ive found the diaper hunt to be fun. Entertaining since we are at home.

She has one last synagis shot in april, then we are done with that business!

Our next goal is get her rolling over… Then after that, CRAWLING!! Shes so tiny, she still looks like a newborn. yet so much time has passed! I cant imagine her doing those things yet!!!