Another crazy day in our crazy household! Auston has been here for 10 straight days, and boy oh boy, has it been an adventure. He does not leave until tuesday, so we still have more fun to go!!

We found our changing table yesterday, and VERY cheap at that! Yay for thrifty shopping at consignment stores!! And it fits perfectly into the old christmas tree spot! No more diapers roaming all over the house 😉 I sold a bunch of her tiny dipes, and now waiting on her new dipes to arrive. They are going to be so yummy-licously cute! And i havent spent a dime of our moola on them, all the diapers are funded by the ones i sold! Yippee!! I’ll post pics when i get them =) (yes my diaper obssession is odd, but it keeps me sane while being cooped up in the house!)

I still havent gotten easter yet, im gonna have to do it today i guess! Oops!

Summer loves taking care of her lil sissy. Its so darned cute. What precious children i have! And Auston got to hold her for the first time today, his eyes lit up so brightly.

Off to tending to the zoo!!