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More fun stuff!

I finished Mel’s new shorties today, and they fit her like a glove!!


Oh boy, doesnt she look excited, hehe! Im waiting on my new yarn to arrive to make her another pair. Also found some decently priced yarn at handpaintedyarn.com that i may look into later on =)

And here is the yummy yarn im waiting on!
It comes from Uraguay, so it should be here in a few weeks (ordered it a month ago!!)

She is still not yet rolling over, which she should have been doing around 3 months, and shes on the verge on 5 months, and im starting to worry!! She should also be pulling to sit when you hold her hands, and she isnt. She has also become VERY clingy! I cant put her down without her screaming. I find most of my time sitting next to her, so she can try to learn and roll… She still fusses though. -sigh- She has a synagis shot tomorrow, so ill talk to her about her progress. I cant imagine her crawling anytime soon, which we should be looking forward to in the next month.

She has taken to grabbing my face though! She will grab my nose, cheeks, and poke me in the eyes and giggle! She wont reach for her toys though! I guess mommy’s face is funnier than her toys =p