Another day at the Nacke’s

We did not go for the Synagis yesterday. The insurance will not approve another shot until cold season again, so we had to forgo this one. I dont want a surprize bill for $2k, LOL! Mel is doing great, happy lil piggy! Im finally back to making enough milk for her that i dont HAVE to give her a bottle. Dad still likes to anyways πŸ™‚

She is now eating peaches, pears and sweet potatoes, and loves EVERY bite! Going to start with green beans or peas this weekend. Still no rolling over, but she is grabbing at toys now! Hurray! And she absolutely LOVES going places. She doesnt care where. So when she wont stop fussing, we go out. It cures the cries 95% of the time. She gets so busy looking at things that there is no reason left to cry πŸ™‚

I finished up her skirtie yesterday, but my camera batteries died, so ill post a pic when i get them re-charged. I also have a pending order to make 3 skirties for a lady who is pregnant with a little girl. Waiting on payment then i will start on those =) My poor fingers hurt so much from all the knitting, but i seem to be one of the few who offer skirties, and the diaper community drools over them, and forks over the cash for them! hehe.

Im also in the process of looking for a part time job, to add extra money in case the knitting projects happen to fall through. Its gonna be hard finding one to fit my schedule around chad and the kids, but neccessary. Also having alot of anxiety about leaving my lil baby girl… Shes my world, and i fear leaving for more than an hour. After having my others practically taken away from me, i dont want to be without her. -sigh-

Well, im off to enjoy the gorgeous weather with my 2 wonderful babes, and hopefully get some yarn dyed today!!