It has been an eventful week for sure! Melody has started rolling front to back! She gets frustrated trying to go back to front. Shed rather be flipped over that do it herself! Spoiled princess! She has also turned into a chatterbox.She tries hard to mimic our words. First recognizable words being “Love you” followed by her version of kisses! What a sweet little lover she has become!

Today, she has started to life her bumper to look outside of her crib! So cute! I caught her peeking during one of our naps (yes mommy needs naps too these days!)

I have added peas and carrots to her diet. She LOVES peas and hates carrots. LOL! She gets one meal of solids a day, usually 1 jar total. usually 1/2 of one and half another. Some days she doesnt eat solids, i dont pressure her. She seems to prefer mamas milk over all!

She has seemed to developed a small cold. She was snotty earlier this week, which isnt so bad now. She kept us up a few nights, but all is well now! =) She has also started grabbing at things and sticking them in her mouth. A semi- crab walk on her back, and scooting on her tummy! (cant get that big belly off the floor!) And she loves her midnight playtime (hence mommy being up at almost 2am!) Its hard to resist her sweet laughter and smiles!

We are all doing great, just thought id let everyone know!