Life changes and such.

After much discussion between my husband and i, we’ve decided to make a lot of changes. First being we must move. We’ve got that set up, and will be moving out at the end of the month =)I wont discuss the details here, because details really arent public business. Secondly, i will be getting a job here soon, which was always part of the plan anyways. But we figured out several options for me working wise. I will most likely be working evenings, because i am simply not a morning person, and honestly hate 8-5 jobs. And, i am planning on returning to school as soon as melody can handle daycare. She is still way to small and susceptable to germs to be shoved off into daycare. And im hardcore against it anyways. The college i used to go to had a small daycare center on site, so that should work for me going back after the summer is over and the kids are back into school. This way i can finally head towards my career someday, and finally afford that log cabin out in the woods that ive always dreamed of 🙂

This will all allow chad to stop taking in so many extra shifts, and our lives to relax to the point where we can save money. Will be a good thing. We are also planning to change around phones and insurance, to alleviate some stuff off his parents that they shouldn’t have been paying for in the first place.

Lots of little changes that will make a big impact for our life, both financially and romantically. I will continue knitting, simply because i love doing it, and the extra cash for that wont hurt either! I look forward to our new upcoming adventures!!