Lil Mel!

Mel’s first tooth is showing quite well now!! It sure has popped through! Thank goodness she has stopped biting mama while eating! She is now working on two more teeth, and is one crabby baby at times! Poor Melody =(

She has also become a rolly Polly! If she wants to get somewhere, she rolls, scoots and wiggles until she gets there! She semi-crawls, but backwards! Its cute to watch. She still isnt sitting up though, and really has no interest in it. She would rather be held!

I tried to make her an amber neccy earlier this month, but she broke it like 4 times, so i gave up and got her a bracelet instead =) Here’s a pic of it though!

Im working on her winter woolies now, and i made her a baby wrap today! Will get pics of those up soon! She sure loves her wrap! Its quite comfy too!