Happy 8 months Mel!

Melody is now 8 months, Yay!


It has been an extremely busy month, havent had much time to post!

Mel has 2 little teeth now (which hurt, wow!).
Shes still nursing like a champ and growing quickly. We are still straying away from solids for a few more months, since she is thriving just fine on mommy milk & formula.

She is not crawling yet, but tryin very hard! She can move those knees, but doesnt understand to use her arms too! She does occasionally push herself up to sit.
So, all in all, we are getting there. She has gotten up to 13.5 lbs as of last month =)

Oh, and my favorite, she says mama all the time!!

In the meantime, ive taught myself to sew. Ive been reaching out to my thrifty side latey… So now instead of spending $18-$25 on a diaper, im spending a mere $2 in materials per diaper. And they hold up just the same!!

Ive also had myself on a thrifty challenge with our food budget. Feeding 4 kids and 2 grown adults gets mighty pricey if you dont watch what you are doing! Using coupons, utilizing sales, and trips to the dollar store, i can proudly say that i can feed my family of 6 on $50 a week!! And no, we arent eating tons of hamburger helper either. Real meals… YUMM! www.couponmom.com has been a huge help, and the hillbilly wife site has been great too! 4 years ago, we were plunging a good $200 a week at food! And we were eating very unheathly at that!

Also, i started my new job this week. Not alot of hours, so im not going too nuts missing mel. Very boring though, but hay, money is money right?