walking… oh my!!

Mel can take about 2-3 steps now, standing on her own…

Oh where oh where did my litle baby girl go!!? Last week her 5th tooth came in!!!

Not that these are walking pics, but shes so darned cute!




On another note…Chase is doing excellent in scouting! And ive been kinda volunteered to help with his pack. Which i dont mind! I love hanging out with the boys and the other parents. Last night, they had a cute awards ceremony, where his den leader and another dressed up like clowns. And were simply… gooofy! It was fun!! We have camping this weekend… which should be interesting!

Summer was a tad jealous, and wasnt all that thrilled with her girlscout troop from last year… So, ive taken on the duty of being a girlscout leader as well!! Ive have talked to a few of the mom’s, and we’re just about ready to get started!! Any girlscout advice is more than welcome! Im soooo new to this!

Auston is having abit of trouble in school. He has become angry, and gotten violent with a few students. So we’re taking it day by day with him. His bday was yesterday! Its hard to believe he is 6 years old now!!

Chad and I are doing great. We’re both working our booties off to give the kids the things we were never able to in the past. We rarely see eachother more than an hour a day, but its ok! We’re trucking along fairly well for the moment. I still knit customs on occasion, as time allows. I love seeing pictures of my hard work on a cute smiling baby!

We’re looking forward to all the upcoming birthdays and holidays!! I will update more as i can! I dont get nearly as much internet time as i used to. Kinda hard to sit still with a soon-to-be toddler trying to walk!!