Why do others complain so much?

So many of my friends sit back and complain about how difficult their lives are… And yea, it doesnt take much to make life complex once you have children… But to me, i guess i just dont see it. I dont even think MY life is all that difficult. Busy yes…

So lets put it into perspective. 4 kids, 3 dads, 3 schedules 2 schools. Sound crazy yet?

Lets start with Wednesday! (Keep in mind, little mel is here the whole time, dealing well with all the chaos.) Wed 2 of my kiddos come home from school, and this is when my “week” starts, per se. Nothing too crazy yet… Thursday, i pick up #3 from school on the other side of town, and rush home before the bus gets home with the first 2… And this is when things go a little nuts! (and soon we will have girlscouts on thursday nights with all 4 here!) Friday morning. Wake up early early early! Get the first two on the bus for school by 7:15 am. Pack up my lil boy and baby girl, and drive 20 minutes across town to get him to school on time. Whew! Run back home, leave baby with chad, and go to work by 9am. Some weeks, #3 comes home with me, so i repeat Thursday’s afternoon, and sometimes he goes back to dads… Friday is the same scenerio when hes here! Saturday, run kids to their weekend events =) Whoohoo! I love saturdays!
Sunday, older two go home to dads. This leaves my lil boy upset everytime! He actually went to school thinking they werent coming back. Monday, rush little boy across town to school, and then he goes home to his dads. Tuesday, the last day of my “week” before starting over… Attend boy scouts with the oldest.

Yes! Its a lot going on. And it changes week by week. Yes i work. Yes i run a business from home. Yes i attend meetings weekly for both girl scouts and boyscouts (sometimes up to 4x a week!). And yes i have a husband and a baby!

So why is it, people with one child pull their hair out over such little things? My life isnt all that bad, and i certainly have no complaints… I figure, once you have a child, you should expect to be busy, eh?