What i saw today will probably scar me for the rest of my life.

I walked in, and honestly didnt recognize either woman in the room. I looked again, and realized noni was the closest one to the door. She was laying there, her body sunken in like a skeleton, her arms lifelessly draped over the sides of the bed, her jaw all the way open, and her eyes barely open stairing into the notheningness. I had to choke back the tears with kids standing by my side, shaking in fear. I tried talking to her; telling her hello and that i loved her, but no response. Just the noise of her breathing. I got closer, practically in her face so she could see me since she wasn’t moving her eyes, and rubbed her head. I told her over and over that i loved her, and that the kids were here to see her. She moved her eyes and just stared at me as if i were speaking german to her… I held her hand and just stood there for a minute… Then she finally mumbled very quietly, “take me away”….

Summer wouldnt go anywhere near her, she just stood there sniffling her tears away. Chase went up and talked to her for a bit and then we left…

She is literally going to starve to death. She will not move, she will not eat, she will not talk. They have her on an IV, and that is all that has been going in her body for over a week now.

I can now only pray that god take her soon, and end her Misery.