Why Dogs Tenaya?

Well, i hope everyone here knows me pretty darned well. If not, well then im sorry to surprise you all! But i am by no means, perfect!

Then i stumbled upon a group. With real people whom have been through similar situations. Not entirely exact, but pretty close. And here i observe an older fellow with a well behaved dog. And of course, me being the person i am, do not approach him in front of the group. Afterwards, i speak to him. We speak about our lives in general. But yet he has a pleasant grin on his face. So i ask him why!

He pets his pup softly and says, you have no idea until you have a dog love you for whom you are… He smiled, and walked away. As if he had a secret in his pocket. I have yet to see him since….

So the dog thing overwhelmed me. I have since visited many petstores, watched our neighbors with their dogs, and still didn’t quite get it.

Then Macy came home to me. My beloved. Macy.

Like my toddler, she doesnt care if i fix my hair or put make up on. As long as she can sit in my lap. She doesnt care if i wear the nicest clothing, or if im the best person in the world, as long as i pull the tangles from her beard. She doesnt even mind that i pull the tangles from her beard, as long i love her….

She is patient throughout the day, while i tend to my kids and cleaning my home. And she never asks for anything at all. She is fed, and loved. And get her cuddles. And when i go to bed at night, she is there by my side, with nothing but love

Can someone please explain to me why, why do i deserve such love?