Pooty Training Woes…

I’ve been working on potty training Miss Melody. She DOES understand that she needs to take off her diaper or undies when wet. She has actually gotten to the point of taking her diaper off before going, but squats on the floor!!! She can tell me when shes gone pee pee (she says peepoo, LOL). And she will sit on the potty! But she doesnt seem to want to put it all together and GO IN the potty =(

It has become frustrating, since she is well aware of whats going on in her body. Age wise, i think shes a tad early, so maybe she just needs more time, im not entirely sure at this point. Or maybe shes just a smart cookie and wants to stay a baby. Auston had that problem too!

So ive put her back in cloth so she can feel the wetness. It seems to be helping. She has outgrown alot of her diapers, so i spent the weekend selling them off and using that money to buy ones to fit her 🙂 AND ones daddy likes, yay!

Anywho, here she is sporting her new panties i got her last week. She picked out two packs of undies, making a whopping 22 pairs of undies, which im sure wont survive potty training LOL. Just anything to entice her!!

Isnt she just so DARNED cute!!??

If anyone has ANY potty training advice, please please please leave me some comments here =) I need all the help i can get!