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Found the perfect diaper

I’ve aways considered the diapering aspect of life FUN. Seriously. Its a hobby. From knitting pants and soakers, to sewing diapers, to buying and selling diapers. Always looking for the nirvana diaper. And at 2 years old, ive found one for her! I spent last month selling and buying. I bought mostly thirsties, and a few odd ones here and there. Well, the LONELY Large bumgenious AIO not only soaks up great, but it fits PERFECTLY under normal clothes! Im estatic. That means off with the thirsties! Granted they are great under stretch pants or longies, but i enjoy her wearing normal clothes too. So off again, to destash, and hopefully restash with Bumgenious, and off to modify the registry at!

I know im goofy, but i still had to share!