The “cowseat”

Well… Melody has finally outgrown her carseat. This child is growing like a weed. The first two years of her life, she was -5% in EVERYTHING. I take her to her 3 year check up, and she is in the 75% for height, 50% for weight! WOOT. A whopping 3 feet 3 inches tall!  So anyways, her lil head has popped out of her carseat by 3 inches. VERY uncomfortable for her =(

We were out driving today, and shes now BEGGING for her “Cowseat” (see a few posts down, i think i have a pic up of it.), which is on amazon, and SHOULD accommodate her size until 7. Since Texas, they have to be in one until 7, yuck! YAY for rushing to conjure up the money for it.