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We found it!

The pics of the Embryos that is (click to enlarge).

We will never know which one is hers, because we opted to go for all three. But its fun to play guessing games and she enjoys showing the picture off. I had one printed just for her and her scrapbooking. She had to bring it to therapy today, and the therapist seemed impressed!
Through her therapy today though, we found she had a rough day. We’ve been having a lot of ups and downs as the meds change and her little body adjusts. Hopefully tomorrow is a better school day for her!
Then  off to the grocery store where we had a bit of fun, as we were both hungry by then. Once situated at home, we had fun relaxing as usual. And as she promised, FINALLY brought her homework home. YAY Melody.
She’s snoozing in my bed right now and I so badly want to sneak a pic, but I don’t want to wake her.
My FAFSA paperwork came back in approved, so ill be going back to school soon. I’m pretty excited. The end result is unknown, but its better than being a bored housewife.