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Implant a success!! & Summer starts her first job


Now i hurt like a beast from them shoving a rod in my mouth, but they gave me painkillers to ease the pain. Stress on ease. It does not kill the pain what-so-ever. Im tempted to whine at the dentist for something else. It HURTS! They had to put a bone graft and membranes in there… Which took forever. Then 7 stitches later i was done.

He also gave me antibiotics seen on the left. HUGE suckers! 2x a day! But that should help with the pain too. Ive learned that in the long run!

Now he was VERY gentle and kind. And took his time, x-ray after x-ray to make sure he was getting it right. And it was done half price, otherwise i would have never done it! Now i wait 4 months to go in and get the top piece, heal some more and get the crown. Im excited! Painful day, but a happy day!

And Summer started her very first job at Braums. EDIT: Stole a pic for this. Love you Summer!


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No more facebook!

no more facebook

So, for a while ive decided not to use facebook at all… Too much drama and bull that goes on there and people take things i say out of context. At least here, you can comment and it be addressed right away.

Please, friends and family, dont hide your feelings from me. Just tell me how it is and what you think. I really get tired of hearing months later, well so and so thought this of your post. What!? Open your mouth and tell me when it bothers you!

Anyways. Im getting my implant today, which i have mixed feelings about. Im scared and happy/excited both at the same time. Something about a screw in my mouth does not fancy me! Makes me think of a powerdrill in my mouth (LOL) which im sure isnt the case…

Im about to start a puzzle thats like 1/2 way done out of the box. I guess i need to shake it up a bit first



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Day 18

Here’s yet another puzzle done. One more to go then I’m out, ack! 

In the mean time i just woke up (4am) and am SUPER nervous about my dental implant today. Something about someone screwing things into my jawbone does not please me. If it weren’t a front tooth i wouldn’t bother.

So im wide awake with nothing to do but that last puzzle! And i dont think im going to feel like going to the dollar store after being tortured 😓  Im going to have to employ someone for more puzzles.

Its been working so far keeping my hands busy. And lots of nuts to keep my mouth busy… Now that i didn’t think about! I wont be able to eat hard stuff. ACK! Dilemmas dilemmas!

Honestly, im surprised im not chain smoking with how nervous i am…