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Implant a success!! & Summer starts her first job


Now i hurt like a beast from them shoving a rod in my mouth, but they gave me painkillers to ease the pain. Stress on ease. It does not kill the pain what-so-ever. Im tempted to whine at the dentist for something else. It HURTS! They had to put a bone graft and membranes in there… Which took forever. Then 7 stitches later i was done.

He also gave me antibiotics seen on the left. HUGE suckers! 2x a day! But that should help with the pain too. Ive learned that in the long run!

Now he was VERY gentle and kind. And took his time, x-ray after x-ray to make sure he was getting it right. And it was done half price, otherwise i would have never done it! Now i wait 4 months to go in and get the top piece, heal some more and get the crown. Im excited! Painful day, but a happy day!

And Summer started her very first job at Braums. EDIT: Stole a pic for this. Love you Summer!