facebook puzzle

No more facebook!

no more facebook

So, for a while ive decided not to use facebook at all… Too much drama and bull that goes on there and people take things i say out of context. At least here, you can comment and it be addressed right away.

Please, friends and family, dont hide your feelings from me. Just tell me how it is and what you think. I really get tired of hearing months later, well so and so thought this of your post. What!? Open your mouth and tell me when it bothers you!

Anyways. Im getting my implant today, which i have mixed feelings about. Im scared and happy/excited both at the same time. Something about a screw in my mouth does not fancy me! Makes me think of a powerdrill in my mouth (LOL) which im sure isnt the case…

Im about to start a puzzle thats like 1/2 way done out of the box. I guess i need to shake it up a bit first