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Day 19 cont…

Bear puzzle
Well i suppose ive been a little lazy posting because of the surgery AND my lil one squirming about. 😁 I got the water delivery rescheduled an hour and half before cut off (we have too much). And i managed to start a puzzle of pandas. Soooooo Cute. And found summer’s work pic, yay! Thats all really. Looking forward to day 20. Ill probably crash as soon as Chad gets here. Im tired!


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Shutterfly for a Cheer-me-up

Notepad and coasters
There is nothing better for a cheer me up than a Shutterfly order!! Today i got parts of an order. Some Easter coasters I picked out pics for. They turned out gorgeous! And our artwork from Melody used as a notepad!! I never thought of using her artwork as things! I think im going to start collecting it and turn it into a book!

Anyways, i needed the cheer me up, the pain is a bummer, so this, especially the notepad – were both great surprises!

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Ahhh! The quiet…

taking over my bed
taking over my bed

So i think its nice and quiet, Melody must be playing a game or something on her computer as she often does. Im doing my puzzle, time passes then i really wonder if shes quiet because i feel like crap. I go check her room. Its destroyed again!!!!  😭 I check around the corner to her desk, not there. Check under her covers, not there. Getting upset that i can find her and her room is trashed again.

Ok, so i go back into my room. Yup there she is. Passed out. Here’s what i found… I might just go nap with her.