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Adding an author

The 3 of us
Eventually I want to add more than one author to get as many pics as i can of the kids while they are still young, but for now im starting with Chad and have to teach him (and learn) how the process works. I think its the same interface i use so it should be easy peasy to get everyone online and make it a family effort! For those that dont know him *gasp* Here’s my funny handsome man. Now that ive got the commenting working, im going to see if i can pull the forum back up,  and add a chat client – this one isnt what i thought it was. Corrections here and there, blah blah blah.  Just some minor details to fiddle with while everyone sleeps.

I also have have a BRAND NEW BOOK of melody About to August of 2016! So ill be posting that too. Im splitting 2016 into sections because i had several free books from shutterfly. Early half, Taekwondo, and later half. I’ll post that in the next post~
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