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Day 22


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Dying lungs
ng kinda crappy. I didn’t realize i didn’t have a patch on all day yesterday. So yesterday was bad, its like resetting the clock in your body. Im looking for ideas to do. I have one puzzle left and will get some more tonight, but even those are getting boring. I did get one from Shutterfly of Melody’s Sun, Can’t wait to play with that one! I’m just kinda “blah” today. Not necessarily full of urges, just wants and i have to remind myself no.

I cant do gum, I cant battle suckers or blow-pops, so i neeeeeed advice. I could sleep all day but i have a child…

Edit to Add: Today was pretty manageable. I woke up quite late to begin with, by the time we were going to head out to the pharmacy the mail man was here with my inhalers. And then the UPS man chased me down to my car with my shutterfly! I love it that they know me. Then we did our buisness of picking up more meds at the pharmacy then chilled for a bit. I love it when its just us and im not grumpy.

And after all that and the implant pain, i still felt good enough to get the grocery shopping for the week. I have a new “planner” that i use to meal plan and today is the first time ive used it. Still missed a few things though. And thats it for day 22.