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A visit to the park on a wonderful day

It was in the lovely 80’s and we all ( Chad, Chase, Summer, Melody, Aaron, Holly, Mom and I) all met at the park for a weekend visit. It was a nice low breeze, perfect t-shirt weather. We brought water, mom tacos, and Holly and Aaron fruit. So we all had some yummy munchies and silly conversations.

Then things get silly… Mom pops out with some glitter eye-shadow meant for Melody, but Summer grabbed it and ran to her Uncle Aaron. Silly girls gets him with some and giggles. Then she moves on to Chase. Poor Chase… She got him with bright red and pink ON his eyebrows and mustache. Poor guy takes it like a champ. I have videos too…

Yeah, what a mess!! ❤


Day 23 cont…

Loosing control

Very close to pulling my hair out. I forgot to put a patch on this morning so im craving like mad. I know there are smokes around here somewhere, but i dare not go dive for them. Very tempted to take a nap, but my hubby passed out first. Oh well. Gonna slap a patch on and bite my nails. Maybe a puzzle. Im not sure… HELP!

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Welcome day 23!

I have a feeling today is going to be a good non-smoking day if i can get some sleep and get my head on straight. And hopefully the pain under control. Maybe im trying to do too much at once. But, i just want to be healthy no matter how rough it is!

We start off around 11 getting supplies for the park then heading off to see lovely Chase and Summer. Spend a few hours there, clean up and have some homestyle fun! A game and a movie has become our new Saturday night thing. Then my daily puzzle hopefully fighting off the cravings the whole darned day. Initially i want to sleep through it, but i cant with a kiddo in the house.

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Oh, i dont want to hear this…

After just having a dental implant Monday, tonight i run across an article titled

What are common problems caused by dental implants ?“at… https://www.reference.com/health/common-problems-caused-dental-implants-33fbd93a5bdfef01?qo=similarQuestions

Just something i seriously didn’t want to read, see or come across. Maybe i should stay away from the computer…? But im still curious after having it done and how darned much it HURTS. So *sigh* A long night ahead of me before i sleep. These painkillers just wont kick in!

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Mel’s first Med Bracelet

medical bracelet
medical bracelet

With the meds and all the dr’s shes working with, i figured its time for her to have one of her own. Just in case shes at school they can scan her in. It has a QR code, a website and phone number listed on the bracelet! So they will know who she is, what her issues are, and what to do. I just dont feel safe right now with her running around without one. Now its just going to be a matter of getting her to wear it!

I may just get a matching one too!