medical Melody

OH boy Oh boy~


Its been an interesting day already. Melody stayed home today from school because she was very sick last night with diarrhea and a small fever. Of course as kids go, she wasn’t sick all day just part of the day. Then she had her first anxiety attack ever, which scared me to death! At first i thought she was having a SVT episode (like i used to have). Rolling around on the floor screaming about her heart and begging for medicine. All i could do is cry! I got her some Gatorade and she settled down fairly quick. So far, the rest of the day has gone by fairly smooth!

Then later, not too long ago actually, we got our QR med (matching) bracelets!! Im stoked and so is she. All our medical, insurance, home

Medical bracelets

location, and other information is on there. So if she ever gets lost or sick when im not there, im confident she will be cared for correctly! Its only 3:30pm and the day isnt over, so im sure ill be back!