Thank goodness its Friday, and thank goodness its almost bedtime. This week seems like it has drug on forever! But im blessed this week with a very good child, and a very sweet husband. Im glad the pain is almost over too. Im glad im healing well, and that everyone in my family is happy and healthy 😍
I love you two, and i miss my other two like crazy! 😭
Ive learned alot more about WordPress this week, i didnt know it was so nutty! But hay i had fun. Onto the weekend!

Way to go Melody!!

Way to go mel!

behavior chart

She had an absolutely wonderful week! Im so proud of her! We should go pester sissy at work now! Haha, Summer! Anyways, She started off the first day doing her homework, all of it, without being told and behaving all week long. I wonder what plans she has up her sleeves… Kidding.

My Sockit came

Box of sock-it

It came, it works but i dont like the taste or the fact that you can drink with it. Wish i had this a week ago though. But ill be cut open again and will need it then too. Right now id rather this than pain pills. They just make me pass out and be lazy all day. And i cant drive which i really dont like.  Hopefully ill be healed up soon anyways! All but one of the stitches are out, so it should be pretty soon. And no infection whatsoever. love it. I did something right this time!
Oh and Sockit is an all natural tooth numbing gel like orajel.


Melody’s Fundraiser

Melody's Art

Melody’s Art

The fundraiser that i went on and on and on about with stuff you can buy with her drawing on it. Well, our stuff is here, and im in love. Came out much better than expected! I figured it’d beat shutterfly since they have the original. We ordered a shirt, a magnet and a 8×10 matted print. Cant wait to decorate (As if that picture isnt already ALL over my house, hehehe). Ill have her model the shirt later!
Today was also early release so that was super cool. Well, here’s a picture of her sporting her artwork shirt!

Mels Art Shirt