Quitting smoking journey tenaya

Day 29

No smoking
Die Smokes!

Here we go, another day with the end in mind of not smoking at all! Ive had my morning cigarette, so im praying that’s it!!  I want a smoke free day otherwise 🙂  I know i can do it, I know i can! Going to keep my mind and body busy like i did yesterday, and just rest my faith in God. Everyone pray for me, i know this is the beginning of the end, i can just feel it!
Look around on the site, last night i added some goodies. Ads to support the site (fun i know, click out of them if they are in the way), games, some spring leaves and other surprises! Im also helping Chase build his own site. This shall be fun. Something for Mother and Son to do, and again keep my mind going!
I love you all, and will let you know how it goes tonight!