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New things

Amazingly enough, as soon as daddy came home, Melody calmed down out of her frenzy! She kept telling me to ask him to pick her up. She couldn’t seem to understand he’s working and couldn’t just jump off and get her and let her tag along at his job!! After she settled down, so did I. It was nice.
I’ve come up with a few new things for the blog. First the weather widget, I love those. I’m not sure i like THIS one, but ill experiment a bit and see. I pulled the leaves down, they were driving me crazy. Tried rain, didn’t like that either. I also made a form where i keep track of how many cigarettes i smoke a day, and a chart to chart the process. I will most likely move it to the smoking blog. But here is a tester to see 🙂

Quitting smoking journey · tenaya

Day 30

no smoking

Despite the stress, ive only had 3 cigarettes, which is unheard of after a day like ive had! Every time i turn around i was being slapped in the face with more stress, more anxiety. Just more more more! The day is half way done, and im hoping to stick with that number for today. I really dont want nor need anymore than that.

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Bad day…


So far its been a pretty horrible day! We start off with arguing over Melody cleaning her room (Melody and I). And got no where. So i let it rest for a while, because shes in her preteens shes pretty hormonal already. I give it about 2 hours and try again. This time she calls me about every name in the book! Just totally flying off the handle to the point I start crying and Melody calls her dad to go hang out up there for a while to get a break from eachother. She does eventually half-ass clean her room, but the other half is a mess and a half! I just want the respect i deserve as a mother! Not name calling or telling me flat out NO. Unacceptable.
Im worn out and still in pain from the dental implant and just cant take it today! Looking up, I did get the LAST shutterfly book in the mail and some meds (love the mail meds service). So now i get to start working on books of this year yay! No rushing. And working on books for the oldest two kids 🙂
Its been a day id like to sleep through and forget. Here come the teenage years!