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Bad day…


So far its been a pretty horrible day! We start off with arguing over Melody cleaning her room (Melody and I). And got no where. So i let it rest for a while, because shes in her preteens shes pretty hormonal already. I give it about 2 hours and try again. This time she calls me about every name in the book! Just totally flying off the handle to the point I start crying and Melody calls her dad to go hang out up there for a while to get a break from eachother. She does eventually half-ass clean her room, but the other half is a mess and a half! I just want the respect i deserve as a mother! Not name calling or telling me flat out NO. Unacceptable.
Im worn out and still in pain from the dental implant and just cant take it today! Looking up, I did get the LAST shutterfly book in the mail and some meds (love the mail meds service). So now i get to start working on books of this year yay! No rushing. And working on books for the oldest two kids đŸ™‚
Its been a day id like to sleep through and forget. Here come the teenage years!