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Today was a rough one…

Melody @ MHMR

While i cant entirely blame it on them, i am because im in that kinda mood!
We went to MHMR, to see her psychiatrist. We do this once a month because he wont fill her meds for more than once a month (i get 3-6 months at a time guys, once a month is over kill). And he never listens to me. I had to get pretty ugly last month, I didnt want to have to again.
There we are waiting waiting waiting…. For not just 1 hour, but 2!!! Past dinner time makes my nerves go wacky and my stomach

growl. And a hungry mom on edge is not a fun

mom to play with. Slap on the 2 hour wait, and you’ve got a beast on your hands. So instead of being my beastly self, i ask to reschedule (Ive got TONS of her antidepressant and can get her in the reg dr in a snap). They piddle around with excuses, i say i have to leave by 5… She seems to move a little faster, tells me to to sit and wait. *The beast comes out a bit* “Ma’am, if i wait i cant get to where i need to be at at 5pm. Ive been here 2.5 hours and its time to go can we reschedule?” She gets snarky and tells me if i have to leave to leave. wth! What bout another

Melody @ MHMR sleeping

appointment, or my kiddos meds? Seriously!?
They are going to get ripped open tomorrow!

*rant over*

Isnt she pretty, even when ticked off?