meds tenaya

Oh Crap!?

So, today has been the worst asthma day ever. I’ve had 3 treatments already, and i usually only do 3 throughout the whole day!! I COULD NOT BREATHE. No I’m not smoking. The good thing is i only had 2 today, And its 2 pm! So now from all the asthma meds I’m shaking like crazy. I was upset and didn’t know what to do, And certainly didn’t want to go to the ER!!  🙁
I want to rest like BAD, but my daughter is coming home soon and cant do that! *sigh*
Edit to add: Going to dr., they worked me in right after Melody gets home!

Edit again to add: Went to dr., my bronchials are swollen… They gave me a shot in the hip and a prescription for steroids. Then i LOST the physical prescription before i made it to my car… Lovely.