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Nacke Saturday 

So we first started off gazing at the pet store looking for cat stuff Chad and I could build our save for,  and ran upon “fat cat”. Cracked me up.  Now I know what to feed her when she’s even bigger! She’s fat already!

Then we watched  ‘BFG’ on Netflix and snuggled in. She watched about 1/4th of the movie, but somehow i watched it all! How strange is that.
Overall we had a great day. I missed seeing the kids, and didnt get to buy anything, but that’s ok. We had a great time just being a family and enjoying chad on a Saturday off!


Happy cat 

For the moment anyways… Yup, only for the moment! She’s quite bi-polar, you see. But that’s ok. I love you too, for today. Tomorrow i hate you or maybe then im scared. I dont know… We shall see, as every moment brings a different feeling in me. I love you, i hate you, im scared. I’m just the bi-polar cat, you see.
Is’nt the photo gorgeous?