My foot still hurts, no pics sorry. It hurts to walk or put pressure on it. I really think something else may be wrong because its still bleeding and swollen. I dont know what to do. It hurts to drive, so going to the dr is out of the question. They are closed before Chad gets home.



Post ER

So the lady said to just wear a band-aid and i’d be fine. Even-though the directions say to keep the area elevated and off of it for 2 days. (Come on people i have things to do!)
The band-aid was soaked in blood by midnight so i guazed it back up. Gonna need more tape i think… And i cant find my handy dandy wrap to keep it on. I’m a mess. Im in need of some nursing and housecleaning BADLY! How am i gonna keep up with the messes like this!?

Band-aid my ass!